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June 3, 2023


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Houston, Texas, USA

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Houston Meteor

Video Credit: Hunter Moliver

Houston Meteor Ended Over the Gulf of Mexico

December 5, 2019 5:35 AM CST – A very fast meteor appeared over Houston, Texas, on Thursday morning. It appeared as a brilliant fireball, with an additional streak of material emerging quickly after the flash, leading some to speculate that a large meteorite might have deposited on the ground. Unfortunately, the video data indicates that the end was likely more than 50km off the coast, in the Gulf of Mexico. The speed of the meteor was measured at roughly 40 km/s, so it is unlikely any surviving material was large enough to make a splash in the water below.

Event Record(s):AMS Event 6169-2019
Date/Time:2019-12-05 11:35:58 UTC
Location:200km SSW of Houston, Texas
Dark Flight Coordinates:27.984 °N 95.908°W Google Map
Dark Flight Altitude:~40 km above sea level
Energy / Mass Estimate:
Entry Speed:~40 km/s
Bearing:~220° SW
Slope:~67° from vertical
Jim Goodall triangulated the location of the meteor to be 50 km off the coast of Texas

Event Videos

The videos shown here were used to calculate the trajectory of the meteor, in the file attached below.

A camera owned by Laura A. captured the event from near Austin, Texas
Yes, this is a meteor. ABC13 News obtained this video from Hunter Moliver in Houston

Event Data

Jim Goodall triangulated the approximate start and end points of the meteor, from the videos shown above. You may download the attached KML file for details.

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