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October 30, 2020


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About Us

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Welcome to Strewnify, your home base for all things meteorite hunting!  Our goal at Strewnify is to provide you with the best information possible, to make your meteorite hunt successful.  This means

  • The best in publicly available, data-driven strewn field maps,
  • Useful reference materials and tools, and
  • The latest and most relevant news on fireball events in your local area, and around the world. 

At least for now, Strewnify is a free service, and we hope to stay that way. However, the reports on this website rely heavily on the Mathworks MATLAB computing environment, and that license is incredibly expensive to maintain. Also, running a website is not free, so if you like what we’re doing and want to keep it free, please consider donating with button below.

Our Team

Strewnify is supported entirely by volunteer effort and donations from subscribers like you. When a meteor fireball occurs anywhere on the planet, this global team of professionals and citizen scientists jump into action, to locate the possible strewn field.

Jim Goodall

Jim Goodall

Founder, Strewn Field Simulation Engineer – Hartland, Michigan, USA

Jim Goodall founded Strewnify in 2019 , applying his software engineering experience, and his passion for physics, to develop StrewnLAB, a computer simulation program dedicated entirely to meteor trajectory simulation. 

Jim’s interest in meteors and meteorite hunting began in January of 2018, when the Hamburg Meteor entered the atmosphere only thirty kilometers from his home in southeast Michigan, scattering meteorite fragments across the frozen lakes below.

Tony Licata

Tony Licata

Field researcher, Doppler Data Analysis – Hamburg, Michigan, USA

Tony also acquired an interest for meteorites during the Hamburg event in 2018 and was lucky enough to find a few of his own. You can read his story here: The Hamburg Meteor.

If a meteor fireball occurs anywhere in the United States, you can bet Tony is checking the Doppler for meteorite signatures, in hopes of joining the hunt!

Samer Hariri

Geologist, Field Researcher – Detroit, Michigan

Samer’s interest in meteorites is geological and has recently expanded to include search and recovery methods and instrumentation design. He is passionate about planetary geology and the stories meteorites can tell us about the formation of planets and our solar system.

Samer’s knowledge and experience with terrestrial rocks have allowed him to take on the role of verifying meteorite finds. While the answer to 99.9% of prospect finds is often “not a meteorite”, Samer will attempt to correctly identify the sample and is always hopeful that the next piece of rock he inspects will indeed be from outer space.

Contact Us

If you have questions about an event near you or a rock you found, we would encourage you to post in the Facebook group for your region:

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General Questions

If you have general questions or comments, please email Jim Goodall at