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July 25, 2024


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Devon County, England

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Brixham, Devon, England – Saturday, December 30, 2023, 02:07 UTC, A large and very quick meteor fireball was observed heading WNW at 71 km/s, and ending at a height of 70 km over the English Channel. Due to the extreme high speed and lack of visible deceleration or fragmentation, no meteorites are expected from this event. If any material survived, it would be less than 1 gram in size and spread over a large area of Devon County in southern England.

Rating:Class D
Entry Date/Time:2023-12-30 02:07 UTC
End Location:20 km SE of Dartmouth
Endpoint Coordinates:50.243°N, 3.369°W
Energy / Mass Estimate:1 tonne TNT / ~2kg
Entry Speed:71.0 km/s
End Height:70.0 km
Bearing Angle:301.2 °WNW
Incidence Angle:60.3° from vertical
Estimated Strewn Mass:0 kg
Event Links:FRIPON Data
AMS Event 8308-2023

Search Efforts

No search efforts known.

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StrewnLAB Maps & Data

FRIPON and local video data were used to triangulate the path of this meteor and the trajectory solution was run through the StrewnLAB software to predict the search area shown below.

No masses larger than 1 gram are expected for this event and recovery of any material is highly unlikely.

No material larger than was expected to survive this high speed atmospheric impact. If any material did survive, it would be most likely in this area of Devon County, in southern England.

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