Meteor Events

July 25, 2024


Meteorite Strewn Field Maps, News, and Reports

Strewn Field

Holbrook strewn field

The geographic area where meteorites landed, from a specific meteor event.  The strewn field size and shape are affected by the size of the event, the slope of the meteor, and the wind speed and direction.  Generally speaking, meteors that come in a steep angle will generate smaller strewn fields than those that come in at a shallow angle.  The presence of wind will affect the size and shape of the strewn field by scattering the lighter fragments further from the trajectory.

Translation Guide

LanguageTranslationLiteral English Translation
English“strewn field”
Arabicحقل التناثر“scattering field”
Turkish“Saçılma Alanı” or “Dağılma Alanı”“scattering area” or “dispersion area”
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