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July 25, 2024


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Meteorites Found in Georgia!

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As Hurricane Ian makes landfall on the Florida coast, a new meteorite has made landfall in western Georgia!  Pat Branch announced yesterday afternoon that he recovered two stones, a 419 gram encrusted individual intact, and a roughly 230 gram stone that shattered on the road surface.  The material appears to be H Chondrite, similar to Chelyabinsk and Ash Creek.

The find location has not been shared, but the event was captured by NASA’s ASGARD network and I have generated a strewn field estimate based on the reprocessed data from Bill Cooke at NASA.  The initial maps here are based solely on this data.

Those in the area will need to search quickly and then head for cover before the hurricane hits!


09/28 2:06pm – 1km resolution strewn field map posted.  Updated for stony density (previous release included iron)

09/29 4:51pm – New map V3 posted.  To match known find locations, I adjusted the endpoint that I got from Bill Cooke (NASA) to the maximum values of latitude and longitude, but still within error limits.  I also fixed a code bug in the wind data implementation that was skewing the windspeed a bit low.

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