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Strewnify Meteor Event Notification [BETA]

we are testing a bot that crawls the web and sends emails daily, if there were meteor events. Currently, we support AMS, CNEOS, and ASGARD. To be added to the beta test group, please fill out this form:

StrewnLAB report

StrewnLAB Simulation

Whether you are a citizen scientist or university researcher, StrewnLAB can help you find meteorites. If you would like to have a report generated, you can request it here. Reports are free, as time is available to work on them, and results will be published on this website.

Landowner Meteorite Release Form

A Search & Salvage form, modified for meteorite hunters, which you can edit for your own use. There are two versions, one requires the landowner to release all meteorites, the second allows the finds to be split.

Suggestions & Future Bulletins

This website is currently under development, and StrewnLAB bulletins are slowly being added for historical meteor events. If you would like to request a bulletin for any event, or a feature for this website, please review the project list here: GitHub Strewnify Project. If your suggestion is not already listed, please email Jim Goodall.

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