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Longden, Shropshire, England

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Longden, England – April 18, 2022, 11:45 PM local time, cameras belonging to the UK Meteor Observation Network detected a small meteor fireball over Shropshire, heading east, and ending 9 km southeast of Shrewsbury.

This was a small fireball, but there was a good chance meteorites reached the ground, due to the slow speed of the meteor. Refer to the sections below for details and search maps, which you can download to Google Earth.

Entry Date/Time:2022-04-18 23:45:21 UTC
End Location:10 km SW of Shrewsbury, England
Endpoint Coordinates:52.6656°N, 2.8728°W
Reference Altitude:23.26 km above sea level
Energy / Mass Estimate:< 1 tonne / < 25 kg
Reference Speed:12.9 km/s
Bearing:85.24° E
Slope:44.13° from vertical
Estimated Strewn Mass:< 3.6 kg
Event Links:UKMON Trajectory Data
AMS Event 2246-2022

News and Video

Several videos of the event were captured and posted online. For more, try visiting the event link(s) above.

Credit: Stephen Macaulay
Credit: Dawn Rennie

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Search Efforts

Local teams have searched the area around Longden, as much as possible with agricultural activity in the area, but no meteorites have yet been found. The UK Fireball Alliance are asking people in the area south of Shrewsbury to keep an eye out for any small, shiny, black rocks which may have appeared on thier lawns or driveways.

Much of the high probability search area marked below has been searched, but there is still hope. The area shown below is largely unsearched and this is where most of the small meteorites or the lower density carbonaceous-type meteorites would have fallen (the meteoroid type is unknown). Since the area around Longden has been heavily search, we recommend moving any remain search efforts to this region.

Largely unsearched area remaining, southwest of Longden

StrewnLAB Search Area

A trajectory was published by UKMON, and this data has been run through the StrewnLAB software to predict a search area, which matches the Doppler data for lighter fragements. Please download and review the Google Earth files below for detailed maps of the search area.

Weather Data

The weather data below is sourced from weather balloons, and publicly available via NOAA’s Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA). This data is downloaded and post-processed by the StrewnLAB algorithm, to account for changing weather patterns and weather balloon drift. The plots have altitude on the y-axis, in kilometers above sea level. The wind speed below 10km has large effect on the drift of meteorites.

Light winds from the west would have caused some minor drift
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