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July 25, 2024


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This page is under construction. We are considering the use of an automated script to post events such as this to the website. Although it is not pretty, it may be very useful as a reference.

CNEOS Meteor Event – Y20221229_06Z_46T

Location:      Hami, Xinjiang, China                       
Date:          12/29/2022                                   
Time:          06:52:09 UTC                                 
Latitude:      42.3000                                     
Longitude:     92.9000                                     
Speed          16.44 km/s                                   
Bearing:       63.3°(ENE)                                   
Slope:         1.6° from vertical                           
Altitude:      32.3 km                                     
Mass:          6195 kg                                     
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This page is under construction.

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