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October 25, 2021


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St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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St. Louis Arch w/ Meteor

November 12, 2019 02:51:45 UTC – Residents of St. Louis Missouri and surrounding areas, reported seeing a fireball on Monday night, just before 9 PM Central time. NASA released a report indicating the possibility of meteorites on the ground, which was validated soon after by the discovery of Doppler radar signatures, just southwest of Warrenton, Missouri. Please review the links below and the attached files for detailed info.

Data Source(s):AMS Event 5566-2019
NASA Fireball Event: 20191112-025148
Doppler Radar
Date/Time:11/12/2019 02:51:45 UTC
Location:100km W of St Louis, Missouri
Reference Coordinates:38.7636 °N 91.3857°W Google Map
Reference Altitude:16.4 km above sea level
Energy / Mass Estimate:0.0028kt / 100kg
Entry Speed:15.3 km/s
Bearing:303.66° NW
Slope:38° from vertical

Boots On The Ground

Only 35 hours after the fall, there were already “boots-on-the-ground” near near St. Louis, where a professional group of meteorite hunters, including Steve Arnold and Dustin Dickens, are searching a large area where Doppler radar has indicated meteorites on the ground.

Event Videos

The videos shown here were used to calculate the trajectory in the StrewnLAB bulletin, attached below.

An EarthCam in St. Louis captured the fireball behind the iconic Gateway Arch
A camera owned by Dan B. in Albany, Missouri, captured the event from 300km away!
A camera owned by Emily B., in Columbia, Missouri
A high school security camera view from Willard, Missouri

Doppler Radar

There is some great Doppler data on this fall, please refer to Pat Branch’s Doppler Article for details…

StrewnLAB Results & Data

The attached report and additional files contain the details of the StrewnLAB trajectory simulation, and the Doppler data. I spent roughly 8 hours reviewing the video data for this event and, in the end, the extracted trajectory is similar to NASA’s early report, although slightly different. I am very confident in the results of this simulation, because the match to Doppler data is excellent.

If you plan to hunt for meteorites at this location, feel free to contact Jim Goodall and request a more detailed map.

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  1. Bulletin Version 1.1 posted. Further simulation provided a better resolution map. No trajectory changes. Labels added to the map for fragment sizes.

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