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September 26, 2021


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So you want to be a meteorite hunter…

Whether you are new to the world of meteorites or an experienced collector, there is always something new to learn. The videos below cover topics from meteorites, to meteorite hunting, to data analysis, and more!

Fireball Steve Series

Steve Arnold of the popular meteorite hunting series Meteorite Men, has begun a new series on YouTube, called “Fireball Steve”, which teaches newcomers to the hobby how to be a meteorite hunter. Check it out!

Intro to meteorite hunting and what to do if a meteorite fall happens near you

Meteorite types, identification, and terminology

For more Fireball Steve training videos, please visit!

Introduction to Meteorites

This video is an excellent introduction to the topic of meteorites from collectors Dan Wray and Ron Hranac, of the Denver Astronomical Society (DAS).

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