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Glogow, Poland

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Poznan Fireball

January 5, 2020 04:04 AM CET – Cameras across Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic captured a meteor bolide. StrewnLAB analysis of this event was requested by the author of Skarby Kosmosu, and a detailed story of the event will be posted there. Please review the links below and the attached files for detailed info.

Date/Time:01/05/2020 03:04 UTC
Location:Głogów, Polska (Glogow, Poland)
Reference Coordinates:51.7024°N 16.1257°E Google Map
Reference Altitude:25 km above sea level
Energy / Mass Estimate:<0.01kt / 150kg
Entry Speed:17.5 km/s
Bearing:93° NW
Slope:73° from vertical
Event Links:Skarby Kosmosu – Bolid nad zachodnią Polską…
Wiki Meteoritika
AMS Event 111-2020

Event Videos

The videos shown here were used to calculate the trajectory in the StrewnLAB bulletin, attached below.

View from Poznań, more than 100km away.
A camera mounted 60 meters up, on a chimney of the former WISTOM synthetic fiber plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, captured the fireball from more than 300km away.

StrewnLAB Results & Data

The attached bulletin and KMZ files contain the StrewnLAB strewn field and mass zones.

StrewnLAB Strewn Field V3.1

If you plan to hunt for meteorites at this location, feel free to contact Jim Goodall and request a more detailed map.

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