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Hamburg, Michigan, USA

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Warren Tech Center Fireball

The Hamburg Fireball above the GM Warren Tech Center

January 16, 2018 8:08 PM EST – A meteor entered the atmosphere over southeast Michigan, and exploded over Livingston County. Dozens of fragments of the meteor were found scattered across the lakes below in Hamburg Township, and there are many more are waiting to be found.

Date/Time:01/17/2018 01:08:31 UTC
Location:Hamburg Township, Michigan, USA
Reference Coordinates:42.451°N 83.857°W Google Map
Reference Altitude19.73 km above sea level
Energy / Mass Estimate:0.0045kt / 150kg
Entry Speed:15.83 km/s
Bearing:301.56° NW
Slope:23.86° from vertical
Event Source(s): Peter Brown Research Paper
Meteoritical Society Bulletin
LPI Conference Paper
Utah Collection Page
AMS Event 168-2018

The Event That Started It All

The Hamburg strewn field is only 30 km from my home in Hartland, Michigan. Although I didn’t find any Hamburg meteorites (yet!), it was the Hamburg event that sparked my interest in meteor fireballs and eventually led to the creation of Strewnify.com.

In addition to capturing the fireball flash on my home security cameras, I was also able to obtain a great video from General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. I also helped to write an article for the GM internal news site, Socrates. It would be two years before I finally got the video released for public viewing, but the Socrates article made the 2nd most clicked article of 2018! This video was also very helpful in determining the meteor trajectory, in the early days of my research in 2018.

Don’t miss our feature article, written by local meteorite enthusiast and friend of the author:

The Hamburg Meteor

by Tony Licata

And check out this great video by Chris Cooper, that captures the excitement and comraderie of meteorite hunting:

YouTube Video:

Recent Meteorite finds from Michigan’s Meteor 1-16-2018

by Chris Cooper

Event Videos

The videos shown here were used to calculate the trajectory in the StrewnLAB bulletin, attached below.

Security camera footage from the General Motors Warren Tech Center.
Published with permission from GM Global Security and GM Communication.
A nice view of the Hamburg meteor from a Nest camera in Flint, Michigan
The Hamburg meteor, as visible from over 400km away, in Madison, Wisconsin
These views were captured by Jim Goodall’s home security cameras

Data & Reports

You will find the latest StrewnLAB Bulletin, strewn field KMZ file, StrewnZones, and find data for the Hamburg Meteor attached below. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Additional data and archived reports are available at data.strewnify.com. For access, please contact Jim Goodall.

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