February 24, 2024


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Meteorites Found in Muskogee!

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309.6 grams!

Friday, January 20, 2023, 3:38 AM local time, A bright meteor fireball was observed heading south at 13 km/s, and ending at a height of 21 km above Muskogee, Oklahoma.  

Meteorite hunters descended on the area after Doppler hits were reported by Dr. Marc Fries on his NASA page here: https://ares.jsc.nasa.gov/meteorite-falls/.

At the time of this posting, at least 6 meteorites have been found, ranging from 10 grams up to the 309.6 gram stone found by Roberto Vargas (pictured). 

On January 24th, Jim Goodall of Strewnify analyzed several of the videos posted on the AMS website and independently solved the trajectory.  After running the trajectory through StrewnLAB simluation, it was a perfect match for the find locations.  We believe there are more large stones to be found further south!

2023-01-25 UPDATE: Video analysis was able to improve the trajectory and the new solution is a better match for the find data.  Attached KMZ file updated.  We believe there are more meteorites to be found, maybe even larger ones.

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