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Inner Mongolia, China

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UPDATE! This meteor event has been renamed to Songyuan. Click here for details.

October 10, 2019 16:16 UTC – U.S. Government Sensors detected a 0.57 kiloton event in China’s autonomous region of Inner Mongolia, ending near the town of Tiebeicun. The attached KML file contains the reference points, along with approximate start and end points at 100km and 20km, respectively.

CNEOS event precision is limited to one decimal point of latitude and longitude and this is represented in the KML file by a rectangle around the end point.

Data Source(s):CNEOS
Date/Time:10/10/2019 16:16 UTC
Location:Inner Mongolia, China
Reference Coordinates: 44.3°E 122.9°N Google Map
Reference Altitude:47.3 km above sea level
Energy / Mass Estimate:0.57kt / 24111kg
Entry Speed:14.1 km/s
Bearing:53.397° NE
Incidence:30.6° from vertical

If you plan to hunt for meteorites at this location, feel free to contact Jim Goodall and request a more detailed map.

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