September 29, 2023


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Muskogee Main Mass Hammer Stone!

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We just learned the amazing story of the Muskogee Main Mass Hammer Stone, as reported by Topherspin Meteorites and Roberto Vargas! Watch the video below and check out the pictures!

Video by Topherspin Meteorites, LLC:

Story by Topherspin Meteorites, LLC

The 330-gram Hammer Stone

This new 330-gram fragment was found on the roof of a horse barn owned by Brad and Jolene Ward, about 8 km southeast of Muskogee (inside the Strewnify predicted search area). Roberto flew to Oklahoma on February 25, just hours after returning from the 2023 CX1 meteorite hunt in France, to purchase this new hammerstone. The pictures below show the meteorite, and the efforts required to salvage the section of impacted roof, which is very desirable to collectors.

There’s still more out there!

As meteorite hunters, we always know there’s more out there, waiting to be found. So, if you’re still hunting in Oklahoma, don’t give up! Visit the main event page for the Muskogee fall, and check out our latest map!

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