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Argyle, Ontario, Canada

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Argyle Meteor

Eldon, Ontario, Canada – April 18, 2022, 11:37 PM local time, cameras belonging to the Global Meteor Network detected a small meteor fireball over Toronto, heading north toward Lake Simcoe.  This was a small fireball, but there is a good chance that meteorites reached the ground, due to the slow speed of the meteor.  Happy hunting!

Rating:Class B
Entry Date/Time:2022-04-18 03:37 UTC
End Location:90 km NNE of Toronto, ON
Endpoint Coordinates:44.436°N, -79.1001°W
Entry Speed:14.36 km/s
End Altitude:28.6 km above sea level
Energy/Mass Estimate:< 1 tonne TNT / < 25 kg
Bearing:12.62° NNE
Slope:29.4° from vertical
Estimated Strewn Mass:<3 kg
Event Links:AMS Event 2416-2022

Argyle StrewnLAB V2
Argyle StrewnLAB V2 Critical Search Area
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