Meteor Events

June 3, 2023


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Event Classification

Strewnify has developed a meteor classification system, to help you decide if an event is worth searching. These classifications are also used to control early access for Team Strewnify subscribers. In the absence of classication data, Strewnify reserves the right to choose the classification and early-access period of an event.

Strewnify Event ClassificationClass Description
Class ALarge events with well predicted search areas. Meteorites are likely and chances of recovery are great.
Class BMeteorites likely, and the search area is small enough to make recovery likely.
Class CMeteorites may have reached the ground, but find probability is fairly low, due to small mass, poor trajectory data, or large seach area.
Class DLikely “burnouts”, where little, if any material is predicted to have reached the ground.

Classification Details

Events are classified based on predicted strewn mass and strewn area, as predicted by the StrewnLAB software. As data becomes available for a new event, it’s classification may change up or down.

Event ClassificationPredicted Strewn Density
Mass / square km
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