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June 3, 2023


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Willcox, Arizona, USA

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3D path of meteor

A meteor fireball was detected by the NASA ASGARD camera network, in Cochise County, Arizona on Wednesday night, January 26th, 7:04pm MST.  It was a small event, but meteorites are possible, due to the slow speed of entry.  Light winds from the west would cause some drift.  Total strewn mass is estimated at less than 2 kg.

Source Data:  ASGARD Meteor Event – Y20220127_02Z_12S

Location:      Willcox, AZ, USA                   
Date:          01/27/2022                                   
Time:          02:04:40 UTC                                 
Latitude:      32.0606                                     
Longitude:     -109.5201                                   
Speed          13.1 km/s                                   
Altitude:      33.3 km                                     
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