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March 26, 2023


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Lake Mead, Arizona, USA

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Lake Mead Meteor

Sedona EarthCam

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – Monday, October 24, 2022, 6:53 PM PDT, A meteor fireball was observed heading northwest at 15 km/s, and ending at a height of 24 km above the area of Lake Mead.  Meteorites are likely from this event, because of the size and speed of the event and sonic booms in the area.  However, no Doppler data have been found, so the strewn field will need to be located from video data.

Strewnify has a preliminary estimate of the strewn field location, based on a dashcam image from AMS and EarthCam video from Sedona, and the assumption that the dashcam image is near the endpoint (we need the video!)  Please find the attached files below.   Stay tuned to this page for updates, and let us know if you find more video.  

Data analysis for this event was requested by a VIP Patreon subscriber, so the map release schedule will be staggered, with early release to VIP members first, then Team Strewnify on Friday, and public on Monday.

10/26/2022 UPDATE: Improved trajectory solution, height and speed estimated, new kmz/kml files and images uploaded

10/27/2022 UPDATE: Good news and bad news… Good news is, the search area is a lot smaller now, thanks to improved video solution.  Bad news is, a lot of the search area is now on National Park Service land inside the Lake Meade National Recreation Area, where meteorite hunting is not allowed.  There is still prime area to hunt on BLM land, but depending on where the actual strewn field lies, these boundaries could prove frustrating for this hunt.  New kmz/kml files and images posted.  Refer to the BLM Land kml file for boundaries.

10/28/2022: Post made available to Team Strewnify Patrons.

This post will not be updated after Monday, October 31st.  Refer to the Strewnify website for future details:

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