September 29, 2023


Meteorite Strewn Field Maps, News, and Reports

Strewnify Camera Network (SCN)

Strewnify is a leading global provider of meteorite search maps for professional and amateur meteorite hunters, and without  access to video footage of meteor fireballs, we can’t find the meteorites! In a pro-active effort to ensure video data is available to locate meteorites when they fall, Strewnify is working to establish it’s own crowdsourced database of private cameras that can be used for meteor research.

The Strewnify Camera Network is currently being piloted. Once enough camera operators have registered, a map of cameras will be posted. If you would like to register your camera, please submit an application below and allow time for processing.

2023-08-07: If you have feedback, Please email Jim Goodall at

How Does It Work?

Multiple times a day, our StrewnLAB software scrapes the internet, looking for meteor event data. When a possible meteorite-dropping event is identified, an email is automatically sent to the owners of any cameras in the database had a view of the meteor, requesting that they review their camera footage at the time of the event and submit thier videos to Strewnify. We would then publish and submitted videos to the Strewnify YouTube Channel, where they can be used by anyone for meteor research.

Our team carefully reviews submitted footage to determine if meteorites are likely and if there is enough data available to triangulate the trajectory of the meteor. If so, our StrewnLAB software will predict the strewn field and we can publish maps for meteorite hunters to go and search!

Register Your Camera

Do you own a home security camera or trail camera that meets the requirements below? By registering your camera to the Strewnify Camera Network, you can support our meteor research and help locate meteorites! You can even get paid for your videos!

Strewnify Camera Network Registration Requirements:

  • Your camera must have a good view of the sky (the more sky, the better!)
  • The camera must record continuously, preferably at > 5 frames per second (FPS)
  • You must be the owner of the camera and have access to the recordings
  • Recordings should be retained for at least 5 days (the longer the better)
  • You are willing and able to review and provide camera footage of meteor events, on request.  (Don’t worry, there is a minimal time commitment, this will likely occur only a few times per year.)

We will contact you if any meteors were reported in your area and request your footage.

If you would like to register multiple cameras, you must fill out the form for each camera.  Alternatively, you may complete the form for one camera and email camera details to Jim Goodall at

Get Paid for Your Meteor Videos!

As a member of the Strewnify Camera Network, you are eligible to receive compensation, if your camera captured a meteor event and it meets criteria to publish it to our YouTube channel, you get:

  • A share from the Meteor Research Fund, up to $100 per event!*
  • Full access to early release meteorite search maps for the event

*The Meteor Research Fund is a revolving fund consisting of 50% of the Team Strewnify Patreon monthly income, which is divided monthly among all camera owners and other contributors that captured a video of a meteor fireball. The purchase price for your video depends on how many cameras captured a meteor event that month. Contributors will be paid monthly for their video submissions.